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Inde du Sud - Le guide du - Routard
Reds Residency has been listed in the guide book Inde du Sud - Le guide du - Routard (French guide book).


Domestic bliss
There are plenty of homestays in Fort Cochin but one name stands out. We pull up outside the Marxist-sounding Reds Residency. I check in expecting a portrait of Lenin above my bed only to discover that “Reds” represents the initials of my hosts’ parents. The hosts, Philip and Maryann D’souza, have only been open for six months. They’re are helpful, hospitable and as energetically entrepreneurial as a couple of capitalists. Homestays offer an affordable insight into Indian culture, tradition and cuisine. Accommodation is of a high standard and often in areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Drink Some Tea and Warm Up to Volunteering in Kochi
Venture southwest toward the state of Kerala and you will come across Philip Dsouza and his wife Maryann in the city of Kochi. Although the Reds Residency is a fairly new project for Philip and his wife, guests have had nothing but pleasant experiences. Dont miss out on the authentic Indian dishes served up for breakfast, which could include puttu (made from rice flour and coconut) or dosa (a crepe made from rice and urad dal which is a black lentil). These should give you enough "energy as you explore Fort Cochin or volunteer on different projects. Recent guests of Reds Residency volunteered at Kotholingo, a home for the elderly while other guests spent their time at a childrens home, Raksha. As Indias economy continues to expand, volunteer opportunities continue to abound, for ideas of places or people that may be needing assistance, contact Philip at or Yoga classes are also available as are sessions with a Rekhi Master. This practice came into being in the 1920s and is typically referred to as palm healing. Healing energy is believed to be transferred through the palms in the form of ki, which literally means breath but is translated as "energy flow".


Its always a beautiful experience serving our guests, guiding them and making sure their travel plans are met. Its a pleasure to see them leaving with a happy smile!

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